An entrepreneur can spend an eternity finding the right person, for the right job, at the right price. The trick is knowing where to look.

In our case, we were looking for the perfect people to begin the process of designing the logo that will appear on Millybutton’s products. We began our search at Pittsburgh’s many local universities. Why? Because they’re jam-packed with smart, hardworking young people who are hungry for work.

Luckily for us, we are the client for a local university’s branding class, and through them we had access to some amazing talent. For one semester three students worked on a possible logo for the Millybutton, and each had a very different approach. It was a fun experience, and helped me begin to understand what I want and what I need for the Millybutton logo. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to grasp, and you have to be careful not to waste time and money because of your own lack of vision!

Through the design process we determined some very practical things as well: we need the logo to fit in a circle with a one inch diameter, the image must 3D, and it can’t too detailed because the silicone will bubble or have holes in it.

In addition, the logo can’t be just a singular image; it also has to say “Millybutton” somewhere on it. We were advised to do this, because apparently when you first start out people need to say your company name over and over again so it sticks!

It was a nice surprise to see some of these logos with animations, like this one. The students were really into it; one of them even had his logo design screen printed on a shirt for me! You can check out all of the different product design, logo, color, and font options that the students put together here and get a sense of the process in the video above.

In addition to gaining some great design concepts and insights into the logo, we also gained a new team member. Through the class, we were introduced to our awesome summer intern Dana. Aside from being very enthusiastic, she went above and beyond to help us during the logo making process. You can find her logo designs here!

She gets class credits for her film and video class to create our story video and demo for the summer. We were able to get funding for Dana to stay with us through Innovation Works. They offer a summer intern matching program for manufacturers, which supports the hiring of a university intern to help accomplish important projects during the time of the student’s break.

Dana is one of the most self-motivated and driven women I have ever met, not to mention she’s got a big personality and a great sense of humor. She’s been all in since I met her in the fall, helping us prepare for the Thrill Mill. She continues to help me understand social media, maintain my blog page, and has been a great sounding board for me.

Like I said before, the best people are available to you, if only you look in the right places!

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