Breastfeeding product founders
Elizabeth Best and Clareanne

How did you come up with the idea for this?

I was a new mother who struggled to breastfeed, especially when I went back to work in a corporate architecture office. I could not afford breastfeeding attire and most of it was not work appropriate. I wore my pre pregnancy clothes and tucked my shirt under my chin, or removed my clothing. I was stressed and overwhelmed as pumping took a lot of time from my job responsibilities. My mother & co founder (a retired nurse) saw me struggling and suggested using a clip to hold up my top. It worked but crimped my top. That was our aha moment! Indiegogo crowdfunding and campaign video.

What makes your product special?

It expands the nursing wardrobe with one simple product, making every shirt a nursing shirt. It is also a symbol of a breastfeeding mother’s journey & commitment to provide the best nourishment for her baby. It is a simple solution to empower mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals, breastfeed successfully and have a cool & calm (supermom) look while doing it. We believe all mothers are supermoms and more importantly heroes!