Make Every Shirt a Nursing Shirt!
Expand your nursing wardrobe with one simple product.
Let's face it- what mother doesn't need an extra hand?
Millybutton secures a mother's clothing so her hands are free to position her infant for an effective latch or to pump. Her clothing is protected, while enabling ample skin on skin and eye contact to promote bonding. Breastfeed successfully and feel empowered!
Breastfeeding product for new moms
Affordable, saves money on breastfeeding attire, and expands clothing choices. Ideal for back to work mothers.
Magnetic clasp is easy to use & safe for all fabrics, no snagging or crimping. Attach to diaper bag or refrigerator.
New moms Breastfeeding accessory
Promotes infant development and bonding, with skin on skin & eye contact, and black & white- a high contrast color scheme.

About us…

Learn how one working mother's breast pumping challenges and a grandma's "no nonsense, quick fix solution" led us to create a totally new breastfeeding accessory. Read More